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A Man’s Best Friend? by Adrian Salmon

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The Caber


You can’t really fail to have noticed that I’m a bit of a fan zygons, and even more of a fan of Adrian Salmon.

This piece here, is Ade trying to make my attempt at a script look good – he’s done a far, far better job of the art than I did with the script!

I’ve always considered that the zygons were basically Doctor Who version of  The Thing From Another World, and this idea came via The Thing.

If  ‘Who had the time and budget, having the zygons infiltrate through the pub dog would have been far more effective, and creepy, than by watching on a hidden camera in a stag trophy. Thinking about this, and then wondering how could the zygons have captured the various people for body prints led me to this one page prequel. It’s hopefully going to see print in the FFI fanzine pretty soon, in full colour (with lettering).

So, for now, ignore the story, just swoon over Ade’s gorgeous visuals…




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