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A Man’s Best Friend? by Adrian Salmon

The Caber


You can’t really fail to have noticed that I’m a bit of a fan zygons, and even more of a fan of Adrian Salmon.

This piece here, is Ade trying to make my attempt at a script look good – he’s done a far, far better job of the art than I did with the script!

I’ve always considered that the zygons were basically Doctor Who version of  The Thing From Another World, and this idea came via The Thing.

If  ‘Who had the time and budget, having the zygons infiltrate through the pub dog would have been far more effective, and creepy, than by watching on a hidden camera in a stag trophy. Thinking about this, and then wondering how could the zygons have captured the various people for body prints led me to this one page prequel. It’s hopefully going to see print in the FFI fanzine pretty soon, in full colour (with lettering).

So, for now, ignore the story, just swoon over Ade’s gorgeous visuals…





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Homeworld? by Andrew Skilleter


Here we have a top-notch painting by Andrew Skilleter. I commissioned this from him a few years ago now, and it was my first experience of commissioning art from a professional. I was very nervous when I typed out the email, not knowing what to expect. Thankfully the experience was thoroughly enjoyable, and Andrew was very helpful and patient.

There can’t be many Doctor Who fans of a certain age that didn’t love the work of Mr Skilleter firstly on the covers to the Target books, and then on the BBC Videos (any younger readers will have to Google what a video was). This was the reason I went to Andrew – I grew up with his art, and often copied his trying to get a good. I could never work out why my fog and clouds didn’t look like his; I had never heard of an airbrush!

For this painting, I asked for zygons coming out of the mist, on an alien planet, possibly their homeworld so with alien flora. I asked for this, as I think Andrew has a very identifiable way of rendering them, and if I was going to have a painting by him it should be one that showcases everything that he does well. I know he captures a good actor’s likeness, but I like to have my commissions mostly Doctorless. I was greatly influenced by the back-up strips in Doctor Who Weekly, and like the ‘expanded’ world of ‘Who

More of Andrew’s work can be seen here




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Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart by JLFletch


Here’s a very nice pencil drawing of Nicholas Courtney as The Brigadier. I bought it off eBay as I really love the work of Jason Fletcher and have been following his work on deviantArt for years.

As you can probably tell from the art, he draws the characters out on their own, scans them in and then finishes the art digitally. When you see the art from a distance it looks like photo-montage, but when you look closely, the line art is visible, and the colouring is very painterly.

I can’t remember how it happened now, but somehow we got into correspondance and he is a thoroughly nice chap – although he is very unappreciative of his own work. He very kindly sent me a print of his Terror of the Zygons piece (signed by him and Tom Baker!!), and it was only whilst I was preparing my scans and photographs for this weeks’ post that I noticed that this portrait of Courtney is from that zygon print. I cannot understand why it has taken me so long to notice this, but I will administer some form of punishment to myself, forthwith.

Here’s the print Jason sent me


This is different from the commercially available one, as it has Sarah on it in place of another zygon.


For more of JLFletch’s work, head over to deviantArt   http://jlfletch.deviantart.com/

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A Zygon Era by Andy Walker

Zygon Era

Andy will be known to many Doctor Who fans through his work in the Marvel Yearbooks. I first noticed his work years ago in the fanzine Doctor Who Bulletin. I have been in contact with Andy for a fair while now, and have several examples of his work in my collection. This is, I think, the first piece I commissioned him to paint for me. I’m a huge fan of the zygons, and have a good sized collection of commissioned works based around them – I will try to spread them out in future!

The photograph above really doesn’t do the art justice. When you see it in person, the lead zygon really jumps out at you as if you’re wearing 3D glasses. Andy has a delicacy of brush work that has to be seen to be believed. Working with him is a real pleasure, as he is a thoroughly nice chap and he really does deliver what you want.

You can find more about Andy, and contact him, here http://www.andywalkerillustrator.com/home.php


Zygons by Adrian Salmon


You know they say you should never meet your heroes? Load of tosh!

The above image is a piece of art Ade did for me a couple of years ago, in black and white. He recently gave it the colour treatment, and doesn’t it look great? The brief for the original piece was to show the zygons in a way we haven’t seen them before, make them recognisably the ones from the tv, but expand the world they inhabit. I know what story I’ve put to this, I know what ade had in mind, but I’m going to leave it to you to put your own story to this. Why? Well, ever since the Doctor Who Weekly back-up strips, I’ve had a love of the expanded universe and the way the stories on tv aren’t the end of the story – or even the beginning of it. So, what’s your story?

Here’s the black and white


Anyway, Ade has done several pieces for me, and as I post more of his work, I’ll try to examine what it is I like about his work so much. He is a great artist, and a really nice chap, unfailingly friendly and extremely knowledgeable.You can find more of his work, and contact him, via the following