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A Man’s Best Friend? by Adrian Salmon

The Caber


You can’t really fail to have noticed that I’m a bit of a fan zygons, and even more of a fan of Adrian Salmon.

This piece here, is Ade trying to make my attempt at a script look good – he’s done a far, far better job of the art than I did with the script!

I’ve always considered that the zygons were basically Doctor Who version of  The Thing From Another World, and this idea came via The Thing.

If  ‘Who had the time and budget, having the zygons infiltrate through the pub dog would have been far more effective, and creepy, than by watching on a hidden camera in a stag trophy. Thinking about this, and then wondering how could the zygons have captured the various people for body prints led me to this one page prequel. It’s hopefully going to see print in the FFI fanzine pretty soon, in full colour (with lettering).

So, for now, ignore the story, just swoon over Ade’s gorgeous visuals…






The Seeds of Doom by Adrian Salmon


The last of the stories that gave me nightmares.

I first saw this story in black and white, and even now it seems funny to watch it in colour. It was on a rented TV, one of the old ones with the really big push in knobs, that came on slowly as they warmed up. Not quite valves, but not far off!!

The scene that gave me nightmares was where Sarah (still Sarah, she hadn’t mutated to Sarah-Jane yet) was tied up in the power room, and the green axon, sorry, krynoid was heading for her as the timer counted down.


Ade has done a grand job of capturing the bonkers Harrison Chase, and its like we are the Keeler/Krynoid that is waving the tentacles at him. I like the black and white version of this, much as I like the black and white version of the program. Memories….

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Mummies Alive! by Adrian Salmon



So, here’s another Time Team from Ade, this one Marcus Scarman from The Pyramids of Mars. Again, it’s from the period when DWM were running two stories an issue, so there was only one illo per story. Fortunately (?) for me, Ade has picked an image that represents two of the scenes in this story gave me nightmares as a kid. The reverseplay shot of Scarman being shot, and the death of the poacher by being chased and squeezed to death my the large chested Mummies (it was years ’til Bond had the same thing). The other scene from this story that had me waking in the night, was when the Mummy had its foot caught in the steel trap. We had woods like that near our house, and I daren’t go in them for quite a while afterwards.

Ade has done a great job here, making the Mummy chase a heck of a lot more dynamic than it was in the programme, and it’s a fantastic portrait of Scarman.

Can you tell I love this piece?? Might have to go watch Pyramids again…..

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Wirrn! by Adrian Salmon


The Ark in Space is Classic Who at its best. The story, acting, design, pretty much everything came together to create stories that 40 years later still hold up, and can still capture the imagination of my young son. Arguably, the model shot of the Wirrn swarming at the end isn’t that effective (however, it doesn’t get the same negative press as the rat in Talons for some reason).

Ade has given us some pretty mean looking Wirrn for this Time Team piece, helped no end by his usual strong use of blacks, and had the ones on TV been as mean looking as these, they would definitely have added to my nightmares. Ark is one of only three Doctor Who stories that actually gave me nightmares, and I’ll add the other two Time Teams over the next two posts.

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Black Orchid by Adrian Salmon



Here’s a rather nice piece of art based around the Doctor Who story ‘Black Orchid’.


For some reason, this story seems to be unliked by many, but I love it. But then, as a fan of Miss Marple and Albert Campion (amongst others) I suppose I would like it. I’m not saying every story should be like this, but as a break from the norm, its a highly enjoyable interlude. I love the Doc’ playing cricket, and in the Target book it really comes alive.


Anyway, back to the art, and I think Ade has done a cracking  job of representing this story in what is one of the smaller Time Team pieces. We have Nyssa and Ann Talbot, Cranleigh Hall, and is that the Doc or the unfortunate  George Cranleigh?


You can see the colour version on Ade’s blog now, http://adriansalmonart.blogspot.co.uk/

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The Sea Devils by Adrian Salmon



A superb image based on The Sea Devils episode of Doctor Who.

I’m probably wrong here, but I seem to remember that this is a Time Team illo, and is based around a scene not shown on TV, but that must have happened within the narrative of the story. Ade has, typically, given us a hugely more dramatic rendering than we could have hoped for on TV. A simply wonderful piece of art.

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Hatchlings by Adrian Salmon


One of the limitations – if you want to call it that – about TV Doctor Who is the budgetary limits that prevent many things being realised on TV. Also, and especially with the new, shorter stories we don’t get to see much of the aliens/creatures that falls outside the remit of ‘baddie of the week’.

I am drawn to the more reptilian creatures of ‘Who, and I do like to wonder about the lives and society that these creatures may come from. As the Silurians and Sea-devils are reptilian, it makes sense that they would be hatched from eggs.

Beside a calm, languid pool in a tropical rainforrest, from some leathery eggs hatches the first seasons clutch of new Sea-devil infants, ready to wriggle their way into the pool until the Overseer comes along to pick the the ones he think will be the best choice to enter The Academy where they will be trained in all the reptile martial arts.


Or something.



Ade has really captured essence of what I was looking for in this illustration, and it is the first ‘wash’ type of picture he has painted for me. I hope it wont be the last!