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The Seeds of Doom by Adrian Salmon


The last of the stories that gave me nightmares.

I first saw this story in black and white, and even now it seems funny to watch it in colour. It was on a rented TV, one of the old ones with the really big push in knobs, that came on slowly as they warmed up. Not quite valves, but not far off!!

The scene that gave me nightmares was where Sarah (still Sarah, she hadn’t mutated to Sarah-Jane yet) was tied up in the power room, and the green axon, sorry, krynoid was heading for her as the timer counted down.


Ade has done a grand job of capturing the bonkers Harrison Chase, and its like we are the Keeler/Krynoid that is waving the tentacles at him. I like the black and white version of this, much as I like the black and white version of the program. Memories….