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The Third Doctor by Andy Walker



A delicate little study of Jon Pertwee as The Doctor by the disgustingly talented Andy Walker. It’s a stunning little piece, and my scanner can’t capure just how this painting glows.

Andy has done lots of Doctor Who illustration over the years, I think the first time I noticed his work was in Doctor Who Bulletin way back in the late ’80s or early ’90s, where he provided some really memorable covers as well as some  internal spot illos.

Check out his website for more ‘Who and lots more non-Who illustrations, and if you want to own some of his paintings you can contact him there or search on ebay where he regularly auctions work




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A Zygon Era by Andy Walker

Zygon Era

Andy will be known to many Doctor Who fans through his work in the Marvel Yearbooks. I first noticed his work years ago in the fanzine Doctor Who Bulletin. I have been in contact with Andy for a fair while now, and have several examples of his work in my collection. This is, I think, the first piece I commissioned him to paint for me. I’m a huge fan of the zygons, and have a good sized collection of commissioned works based around them – I will try to spread them out in future!

The photograph above really doesn’t do the art justice. When you see it in person, the lead zygon really jumps out at you as if you’re wearing 3D glasses. Andy has a delicacy of brush work that has to be seen to be believed. Working with him is a real pleasure, as he is a thoroughly nice chap and he really does deliver what you want.

You can find more about Andy, and contact him, here http://www.andywalkerillustrator.com/home.php