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The Sixth Doctor WiP by Andrew Skilleter



Something a little different. This is a working drawing, done on tracing paper, that Skilleter uses in the preliminary stages of the illustration.

I haven’t asked him, but I conjecture that this is where he works out the likenesses, the lights and darks and by virtue of being semi-transparent can help in reaching a final placement before the final painting.

This piece is for a painting of Baker alongside an hourglass, and I’m 99% certain it was called “Through A Glass Darkly”, but I’ve trawled the net and can’t find it. My books are all in storage at the moment, so I can’t get to them, either, to check.

Skilleter’s site is here, http://andrewskilleter.com/ and you’ll find links to his other social media sites there, too.



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Sil by Andrew Skilleter




Every now and then, an alien comes along in ‘Who that is a perfect creation.

Sil, to my mind, is just such a creation.

He is definitely of his time, the money grabbing ’80s where commerce was king. To some, at least. Sil perfectly captured the slimy, conniving idea the press gave us of traders. Sounds like a dry sort of ‘baddie’, but actor Nabil Shaban brought a humour and nastiness, not to mention THAT laugh thst made him memorable.

This artwork by Andrew Skilleter is from his “Monsters” book, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it listed as for sale on his website. I just had to have it. There I go with my reptile fixation, again! Whats more, its even in my favourite colour, green.


More of Andrew’s art can be found (and purchased!) from          www.andrewskilleter.com

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Homeworld? by Andrew Skilleter


Here we have a top-notch painting by Andrew Skilleter. I commissioned this from him a few years ago now, and it was my first experience of commissioning art from a professional. I was very nervous when I typed out the email, not knowing what to expect. Thankfully the experience was thoroughly enjoyable, and Andrew was very helpful and patient.

There can’t be many Doctor Who fans of a certain age that didn’t love the work of Mr Skilleter firstly on the covers to the Target books, and then on the BBC Videos (any younger readers will have to Google what a video was). This was the reason I went to Andrew – I grew up with his art, and often copied his trying to get a good. I could never work out why my fog and clouds didn’t look like his; I had never heard of an airbrush!

For this painting, I asked for zygons coming out of the mist, on an alien planet, possibly their homeworld so with alien flora. I asked for this, as I think Andrew has a very identifiable way of rendering them, and if I was going to have a painting by him it should be one that showcases everything that he does well. I know he captures a good actor’s likeness, but I like to have my commissions mostly Doctorless. I was greatly influenced by the back-up strips in Doctor Who Weekly, and like the ‘expanded’ world of ‘Who

More of Andrew’s work can be seen here