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“Friend of yours?” by Paul Harrison-Davies



This is a fairly recent piece, based around a wonderful character called Astrodog. She is a pooch who has a an adventure in space.

The story started as an online comic, but transfered brilliantly to print. It is a virtually wordless comic that enables new readers to bring some of their own narrative to the story. It is a great way to introduce kids to the world of reading, or to build up uncertain readers’s confidence. It’s also a great little story with some nice little nods to the culture we love.

Can you tell I’m a fan? If you haven’t read it, I really do urge you to give it a go…


And then, when you’ve fallen in love with her, buy the book!


Paul is a great artist, and you can find more of his work, in various styles, in the following places


On Twitter @paulMHD