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Black Orchid by Adrian Salmon



Here’s a rather nice piece of art based around the Doctor Who story ‘Black Orchid’.


For some reason, this story seems to be unliked by many, but I love it. But then, as a fan of Miss Marple and Albert Campion (amongst others) I suppose I would like it. I’m not saying every story should be like this, but as a break from the norm, its a highly enjoyable interlude. I love the Doc’ playing cricket, and in the Target book it really comes alive.


Anyway, back to the art, and I think Ade has done a cracking  job of representing this story in what is one of the smaller Time Team pieces. We have Nyssa and Ann Talbot, Cranleigh Hall, and is that the Doc or the unfortunate  George Cranleigh?


You can see the colour version on Ade’s blog now, http://adriansalmonart.blogspot.co.uk/


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The Sea Devils by Adrian Salmon



A superb image based on The Sea Devils episode of Doctor Who.

I’m probably wrong here, but I seem to remember that this is a Time Team illo, and is based around a scene not shown on TV, but that must have happened within the narrative of the story. Ade has, typically, given us a hugely more dramatic rendering than we could have hoped for on TV. A simply wonderful piece of art.

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Sil by Andrew Skilleter




Every now and then, an alien comes along in ‘Who that is a perfect creation.

Sil, to my mind, is just such a creation.

He is definitely of his time, the money grabbing ’80s where commerce was king. To some, at least. Sil perfectly captured the slimy, conniving idea the press gave us of traders. Sounds like a dry sort of ‘baddie’, but actor Nabil Shaban brought a humour and nastiness, not to mention THAT laugh thst made him memorable.

This artwork by Andrew Skilleter is from his “Monsters” book, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it listed as for sale on his website. I just had to have it. There I go with my reptile fixation, again! Whats more, its even in my favourite colour, green.


More of Andrew’s art can be found (and purchased!) from          www.andrewskilleter.com

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Hatchlings by Adrian Salmon


One of the limitations – if you want to call it that – about TV Doctor Who is the budgetary limits that prevent many things being realised on TV. Also, and especially with the new, shorter stories we don’t get to see much of the aliens/creatures that falls outside the remit of ‘baddie of the week’.

I am drawn to the more reptilian creatures of ‘Who, and I do like to wonder about the lives and society that these creatures may come from. As the Silurians and Sea-devils are reptilian, it makes sense that they would be hatched from eggs.

Beside a calm, languid pool in a tropical rainforrest, from some leathery eggs hatches the first seasons clutch of new Sea-devil infants, ready to wriggle their way into the pool until the Overseer comes along to pick the the ones he think will be the best choice to enter The Academy where they will be trained in all the reptile martial arts.


Or something.



Ade has really captured essence of what I was looking for in this illustration, and it is the first ‘wash’ type of picture he has painted for me. I hope it wont be the last!

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Convention Sketch by Marc Laming

kings watch


This is a convention sketch, drawn for me at NerdFest  (renamed as Nottingham Comic Con) last year. The creature is from King’s Watch, a Flash Gordon, Mandrake, Phantom crossover comic that is fantastically drawn by Marc Laming.

I made sure I got there early, and made a bee line for him, as he only has a limited number of slots available. You can see why – this isn’t your normal convention sketch, and is a fair size! I was a happy chap that day. I hope he’s there again this year, so I can go for another.


Marc Laming can be found on Twitter at @monkey_marc and his blog is monkeymarc.blogspot.com

Nottingham Comic Con is @NottinghamComic and nottinghamcomiccon.co.uk



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‘Weetabix’ cards by various

As a child growing up in the ’70s, us Doctor Who fans didn’t have the masses of merchandise that’s available now. The occasional Target novelisation, the odd special publication (The Doctor Who Monster Book, etc) and that was just about it. Not even a comic or magazine. For fans of a certain age, one piece of merchandise has a special place in our hearts – not a big flashy gizmo or highly detailed model. No, it’s a set of cards given away free in some breakfast cereals! Yup, we were easily pleased back then!! The ones I remember fondly is the second set, dating from 1977. I had a thought of getting some artists to recreate the set using their own style, and using the aliens they wanted, although I did stipulate one card had to be a Zygon. (Yes, I know).

First stop, Adrian Salmon



I think I commissioned Ade for these before he did the superb free gifts in Vworp Vworp magazine, but as my memory is rubbish, I stand to be corrected. The original set of cards were very colourful, but here Ade has gone against type and plumped for a black sky, but boy, doesn’t it work well?

Next up, it’s Nick Neocleous.


Nik (as he’s possibly better known) went New Series on me with his choices. Whilst I enjoy the new series’, I think I’ll always be a Classic series fan at heart. Having said that, Nik did choose two of my favourite stories to illustrate. Serendipity! Oh, and the zygon is based on a model I made that he found on my deviantArt site, so I guess this a particularly personal piece.

The last ones I commissioned were from Paul Hanley. If you don’t recognise his name, you will more than likely know his work – more than one of his pieces have gone viral. As with all the artists I feature, I urge you to check out his art in the links below.




Paul came up with a great idea for his set, using  The Pandorica as a linking theme, hence Stonehenge in the background and the little spacecraft in the background. I don’t think I led him in any way, but he must have picked up over the years that I have a liking for the reptilian species. Something that had totally passed me by until a certain Mr. Salmon drew my attention to it.


I hope you enjoy these pieces, I really like them; I had fun coming up with the slogans at the bottom of each card, and also the Message(s) From The Time Lords, although I have to admit, Paul Hanley came up with the cracker on his. I’ll leave you to decipher the legends




Adrian Salmon can be found here      adriansalmonart.blogspot.com      http://ade1963.tumblr.com    @AS1963

Nick Neocleous can be found here        http://planetnik.com/

Paul Hanley can be found here            paulhanley.deviantart.com