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Mummies Alive! by Adrian Salmon

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So, here’s another Time Team from Ade, this one Marcus Scarman from The Pyramids of Mars. Again, it’s from the period when DWM were running two stories an issue, so there was only one illo per story. Fortunately (?) for me, Ade has picked an image that represents two of the scenes in this story gave me nightmares as a kid. The reverseplay shot of Scarman being shot, and the death of the poacher by being chased and squeezed to death my the large chested Mummies (it was years ’til Bond had the same thing). The other scene from this story that had me waking in the night, was when the Mummy had its foot caught in the steel trap. We had woods like that near our house, and I daren’t go in them for quite a while afterwards.

Ade has done a great job here, making the Mummy chase a heck of a lot more dynamic than it was in the programme, and it’s a fantastic portrait of Scarman.

Can you tell I love this piece?? Might have to go watch Pyramids again…..


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