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Sil by Andrew Skilleter

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Every now and then, an alien comes along in ‘Who that is a perfect creation.

Sil, to my mind, is just such a creation.

He is definitely of his time, the money grabbing ’80s where commerce was king. To some, at least. Sil perfectly captured the slimy, conniving idea the press gave us of traders. Sounds like a dry sort of ‘baddie’, but actor Nabil Shaban brought a humour and nastiness, not to mention THAT laugh thst made him memorable.

This artwork by Andrew Skilleter is from his “Monsters” book, and I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw it listed as for sale on his website. I just had to have it. There I go with my reptile fixation, again! Whats more, its even in my favourite colour, green.


More of Andrew’s art can be found (and purchased!) from          www.andrewskilleter.com


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