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Hatchlings by Adrian Salmon

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One of the limitations – if you want to call it that – about TV Doctor Who is the budgetary limits that prevent many things being realised on TV. Also, and especially with the new, shorter stories we don’t get to see much of the aliens/creatures that falls outside the remit of ‘baddie of the week’.

I am drawn to the more reptilian creatures of ‘Who, and I do like to wonder about the lives and society that these creatures may come from. As the Silurians and Sea-devils are reptilian, it makes sense that they would be hatched from eggs.

Beside a calm, languid pool in a tropical rainforrest, from some leathery eggs hatches the first seasons clutch of new Sea-devil infants, ready to wriggle their way into the pool until the Overseer comes along to pick the the ones he think will be the best choice to enter The Academy where they will be trained in all the reptile martial arts.


Or something.



Ade has really captured essence of what I was looking for in this illustration, and it is the first ‘wash’ type of picture he has painted for me. I hope it wont be the last!


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