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The Eighth Doctor by Paul Hanley

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Here is the Eighth Doctor as drawn by Paul Hanley. This was drawn sometime after Paul McGann adopted his blue leather jacket look for new publicity photographs, that Big Finish since adopted. As The Night of the Doctor had a different get-up (I hate the way it’s described as costume) for the Doctor, it makes Paul’s thinking for the design he adopted quite prescient. Not really surprising, as Paul is a cracking good writer, too.  You can read Paul’s thoughts, and see the coloured image, here


Whilst you are there, take a look at his other work. It’s stunning. Especially noteworthy for ‘Who fans is his webcomic ‘goodbye’ to The Brigadier, “Don’t Fade Away” written by him and illustrated by Shawn Van Briesen. Go read it, it’s very touching.

I wont go into detail here as to why I like Paul’s work, I have several more pieces to post where I’ll cover that.


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