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Cyberman UKCAC by Adrian Salmon




I was a huge fan of The Cybermen strip in Doctor Who Magazine. Lots of story put into one page, and some very, very striking art from Adrian Salmon. It was the first page I turned to when I got my new magazine.

I love the way Ade makes the cybermen so SOLID. His use of blacks is really inspired, giving the pages a real WOW factor. I would love to own a page of the artwork from that series, and whilst I keep a look out, I don’t realistically think it will happen. So you can imagine my excitement when I saw this piece for sale! And, it’s a piece I’d never seen before. It’s a very striking cover for the convention booklet, and you can see the solidness of the figure, the way the cyberman has been stylised and the use of blacks. I love it!


More Adrian Salmon art can be found at the following sites





6 thoughts on “Cyberman UKCAC by Adrian Salmon

  1. I can’t remember much about drawing this. The date suggests I’d finished The Cybermen by this point and I was probably pining for a lost love. This is about a stylised as I ever got before fearing a lack of commissions forced me to move more towards a more mainstream acceptable approach. Ironically it’s the more jagged work that people still recognize as my style. A kind of immortality I guess…

  2. Immortality! He that wins shall lose, and he that loses shall win…
    I for one, would love to have seen how you would have developed this approach to your art. Is it a style you still persue for personal work? Or do you not have time for luxuries such as personal works?

  3. I think I’m beyond this style now though I still try and keep that boldness in my work. Mick McMahon is my yardstick – an artist who has never stopped growing. I’d like to say at the end of my career that I tried to explore beyond the norm. That’s it really…

  4. I can probably blame this on Gary Russell. He told me to show him something *different* and a year later I was back at the DWM offices with a very stylised Cyberman illo. Everything kicked off from there!

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