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Scared of the Dark? by Leighton Noyes

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Isn’t this just a wonderfully evocative picture? I don’t know about you, but this speaks volumes to me about when I was growing up in the ’70s. It was when Tom Baker was at the height of his powers, the programme was on in the dark Autumn evenings and everything was just so right to scare the willies out of the 5 year old me! I saw monsters from Doctor Who in every shadow after a particulary scary episode, and not even Big Ted could protect me – the only thing that could was hiding under my duvet ( I was 5, go figure!). The only way this picture could be any more of a perfect reflection of my childhood was if the shadow was that of a Wirrn; the Daleks never really did it for me, but those bugs – shudder!

Leighton Noyes will be a familliar name to readers of Doctor Who Magazine, where he used to do the regular cartoon on the letters page. He is a fantastic illustrator (and a really, really nice chap to boot!), and you’ll be seeing plenty of his work appear up here (both ‘Who and non-Who).

I suggest you pop over to his website for a look at his other work


or go to on eBay and treat yourself some really wonderful art



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