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El Solitario by Bocquet

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El Solitario

I’m afraid I know very little about this piece, other than it was advertised as a 1920’s book jacket painting for a book by PB Kyne. Indeed that name is written on the reverse in pencil. I’ve done a search for the book and/or author,. but to no avail. I found an author in the US but there was only a title mentioned in a list, so can’t verify if he’s the correct one. There was no title in the bibliography of his work that matched this. Also, I can’t find anything on the artist, who appears to be ‘Bocquet’ going by the monika. If anyone knows anything, I would be very interested to hear.


Regardless, whether this is from the ’20s or not, it’s a lovely little painting that I was very pleased to add to my collection. I love the style, and am going to try and use this as a springboard to try my hand at a similar style.


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