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Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart by JLFletch

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Here’s a very nice pencil drawing of Nicholas Courtney as The Brigadier. I bought it off eBay as I really love the work of Jason Fletcher and have been following his work on deviantArt for years.

As you can probably tell from the art, he draws the characters out on their own, scans them in and then finishes the art digitally. When you see the art from a distance it looks like photo-montage, but when you look closely, the line art is visible, and the colouring is very painterly.

I can’t remember how it happened now, but somehow we got into correspondance and he is a thoroughly nice chap – although he is very unappreciative of his own work. He very kindly sent me a print of his Terror of the Zygons piece (signed by him and Tom Baker!!), and it was only whilst I was preparing my scans and photographs for this weeks’ post that I noticed that this portrait of Courtney is from that zygon print. I cannot understand why it has taken me so long to notice this, but I will administer some form of punishment to myself, forthwith.

Here’s the print Jason sent me


This is different from the commercially available one, as it has Sarah on it in place of another zygon.


For more of JLFletch’s work, head over to deviantArt   http://jlfletch.deviantart.com/


One thought on “Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart by JLFletch

  1. That’s an extremely nice print you have there, very evocative of the story itself, one of Tom’s ( or any other Doctor’s) best I think!

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