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Zygons by Adrian Salmon



You know they say you should never meet your heroes? Load of tosh!

The above image is a piece of art Ade did for me a couple of years ago, in black and white. He recently gave it the colour treatment, and doesn’t it look great? The brief for the original piece was to show the zygons in a way we haven’t seen them before, make them recognisably the ones from the tv, but expand the world they inhabit. I know what story I’ve put to this, I know what ade had in mind, but I’m going to leave it to you to put your own story to this. Why? Well, ever since the Doctor Who Weekly back-up strips, I’ve had a love of the expanded universe and the way the stories on tv aren’t the end of the story – or even the beginning of it. So, what’s your story?

Here’s the black and white


Anyway, Ade has done several pieces for me, and as I post more of his work, I’ll try to examine what it is I like about his work so much. He is a great artist, and a really nice chap, unfailingly friendly and extremely knowledgeable.You can find more of his work, and contact him, via the following






2 thoughts on “Zygons by Adrian Salmon

  1. What a splendid piece of art – the colours really sing, with the reds and yellows popping out from the cool blue background. The Zygons really suit Adrian Salmon’s style – I really think you should commission him to do a mash-up with his Tenth Planet-era Cybermen!

    • I like the colours, too. If it had been me colouring this, I’d have gone green and orange, but one thing you can be sure of with Ade is that he never gives you ‘obvious’. I can honestly say every commission I’ve had from him has surpassed my expectations.
      If you like his ‘Cybermen’ work (and let’s face it, why on earth wouldn’t one?) I’ll be posting a piece this week…

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