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Doctor Who – Wallscrawl by Alister Pearson

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Something a little unusual here. This is a painting that Alister Pearson created that went unused.

Unused that is, until the production of the audiobook. As the original book cover art was painted to fit the dimensions of a book,when it comes to the audiobook release, the designers have to be creative in how to get the artwork to fit – in this case the above painting was used to ‘bookend’ the book cover art.

                      Doctor_Who_Paradise_Towers                                      cd-paradise-towers

You’ll notice that the McCoy portrait isn’t used on the cover, but the three portraits were used to adorn the three cds that make up the story.

I’ve been a fan of Alister Pearson since I saw his work appearing in Doctor Who Monthly, and had been hoping to have a sample of his work for my collection, so was really pleased to get this piece. A word of warning though, if you want to add a piece of his to your collection, he is urging people to contact him if anyone tries to sell paintings that are attributed to him. He has done numerous covers for Doctor Who books, magazines, and videos, and is seeking to verify their authenticity before they are bought. Anyone who sees any of his artwork for sale or is offered the chance to buy it should contact him first on alister@alisterpearson.co.uk.


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