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Mighty Moth by Dick Millington

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Mighty Moth was a mainstay of TV Comic, and one of the original non-TV based characters from the comic.

Mighty Moth was created and drawn by Dick Millington, who also happened to be an editor of the comic. Maybe I’m cynical, but possibly that may have to something to do with Mighty Moth’s long run? Looking at the style, I’m guessing Millington also drew Basil Brush and TV Terrors amongst others.



It’s unusual as it has its title actually drawn on the board, normally they would be printed seperately and stuck on. Again, I’m guessing, but this could be as it’s a holiday themed titled, and this was for a Holiday Special?


One thought on “Mighty Moth by Dick Millington

  1. Having a character simply called “Dad” was a stroke of genius!

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