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Flash Gordon by Aslan Sukur

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Aslan Sukur is a Turkish artist who has worked on Mandrake, Western and Flash Gordon covers, amongst many other subjects.

I bought this piece on eBay a fair while ago. His work still appears fairly regularly, mainly Mandrake from what I’ve seen recently.

There are a couple of things that attracted me to this piece. Firstly, it’s Flash Gordon – what’s not to like? I hadn’t heard of the artist before I bought this page, and there’s not a whole lot of information out there on him. There is this brief outline for those interested http://www.mandrakewiki.org/index.php?title=Aslan_%C5%9E%C3%BCk%C3%BCr

What I really like about this piece is its looseness of style – my technique is really tight and I admire any one who can paint loosely.

Flash02                   Flash03

As you can see from these close-ups, the brushstrokes are loose, definite strokes applied quickly in layers to give volume. There’s no real attempt at blending, so this would be a very fast way of working (another failure of mine – things are worried away at forever!) I really admire the way this piece is built up and am trying to bring a little of the looseness into my own work.

Trying being the operative word.

I had a request for a fanzine cover, which was a copy of another piece with some changes, but studying this Flash Gordon piece really helped me in getting the brush strokes right. The image is included here, click to enlarge if you’re interested



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