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Rorschach by Dave Gibbons

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Whilst not the first piece of original art that I came to possess, it was a first in a couple of ways.

I had been writing about Gibbons for my art A Level, and had been in contact with Dave conducting written interviews. My Aunty Sue purloined his address (somehow!) and wrote to him asking for something for my 18th. This is the result!

It is special to me in several ways.

First, its by Dave Gibbons!! It was through seeing his work in Doctor Who Weekly that I first became interested in comic art. I’ve lost count of the number of hours I used to sit copying his strips.

Secondly, even though I was 18, I hadn’t even considered that professionals would draw for us mere mortals – it opened up a whole new world to me (although it wasn’t for another 20+ years that I’d actual start!)

Most importantly to me tho, my Aunty Sue has since died from cancer, and this piece holds so many special memories of her, that it will always be an extra-special part of my art collection.

As far as I know, Dave Gibbons doesn’t have a blog or website, but you can follow him on Twitter @davegibbons90


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